WebUMS and UMS Console is not working when a paragraph character is used.

Hello to all,

I have noticed with UMS12 that if the password for logging in contains a paragraph character (§), logging in to WebUMS is not possible.

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The console is not affected by this effect.

Just FYI 😉



Hello Adrian, great finding!! Thank you for sharing this!! Will try to reproduce and pass the feedback to PM!

That is a reserved character to define Static Template keys and cannot be used in UMS.

Also, I have never seen that on a keyboard and I am not sure many systems would InterPro it correctly.

No special chars in password phrases are a sign of a (politely phrased) legacy system. Nowadays this should not be an issue anymore.

especially as I suspect that the password is stored as a hash and not in plain text. Thus, “as a forbidden character” would not apply.

Especially since the UMS console still works. Only in the WebUMS it does not work.

Did y’all fix the “can’t use a $” in a password because Linux does something with it?

I have used that in the past with no issue

§ is a bit different as it doesn’t appear on a standard keyboard

There may be limitations on characters not on a standard US keyboards in most password hasing libraries. Especially ones used for web applications

May I introduce you to my keyboard @member 😉

I always use a password generator for my environments

A lot of libraries (including Oracle and Microsoft) follow OWASP recomendations


Most password generators follow OWASP as well

do other non-ASCII characters work?

Also, standard US Keyboard

@member I have try with % & and $ . That signs works. By my recently created password, with § doesn’T work correctly.

those should work – I’m just curious if we run into issues going into Unicode land but that would also break any Latin characters with accents/umlauts I would think: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Unicode_characters

Marked as Bug on our PM side, will be fixed in an upcoming version!

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