We’re having trouble to redirect USB Headsets to our Citrix environment on IGEL OS.`

Hello everyone,

we’re having trouble to redirect USB Headsets to our Citrix environment.

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Citrix: Windows Server 2016, Shared Desktops

IGEL: UD3’s, IGEL OS 11.07.100

Headsets tried: Jabra Engage 65, Plantronics Savi 7xx

As we’re introducing a new web-based Switchboard for telephony we have to get this working.

The solution uses WebRTC for voice and Web HID for the device commands (pickup/hangup) in Google Chrome.

We managed either to have Voice working or Web HID working, but not both.

For being able to use Web HID, we created the following profiles, please see screenshots.

Without those two, Chrome does not display any HID Devices.

But with these two profiles active, we can’t get audio working. Only Citrix HDX Audio is selectable.

Sound comes out of the UD3’s in-built speakers instead coming through the headset.

We worked through different other posts here on Slack and the IGEL-KB, without any success so far.

Getting a bit desperate, as this is a show-stopper unfortunately.

Any help is much appreciated!




please don’t redirect Audio Devices via Native USB redirection, or you will loose any optimization,

Secondly, please NEVER active the Standard to be redirected as default. Better is denying and whitelisting the devices you need.

on Unified Comm, please follow this tutorial:www.igelcommunity.com/igel-os-ucc-configuration-guide

We are in contact and will fix that together

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