What are my options for updating IGEL OS firmware over IGEL ICG?


I’m new to using iGEL and have a question regarding firmware updates. We have an igel device plugged in at a client site which is needing a firmware update in order to apply chromium browser policy to it. The issue is that the device is leveraging ICG to connect to UMS since it is connected to client’s network with no Site to Site VPN or anything connecting them back to our companies network.

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Because of this i get an error when i try to click on device in USM -> Update & snapshot commands -> Update

it cannot resolve host which is a server on our domain/network.

What are my options to perform firmware update on the device in this case?


You’ll need to setup an external FTP server for pushing out firmware updates/Custom Partitions for ICG devices

For this, setup external facing file services (https, ftp, sftp, etc) to deploy files.

is an alternative to simply download the Firmware Update from igel.com/software-downloads/workspace-edition/ igel.com/software-downloads/workspace-edition/ and install?

Details are here –> kb.igel.com/igelos-11.04/en/firmware-update-32871518.html

also a possibility “Updating the Firmware using a USB Storage Device” kb.igel.com/igelos-11.04/en/updating-the-firmware-using-a-usb-storage-device-32870421.html

And last but not least the FirmwareUpdate Guide: Step by step😄


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