What are the best practices other follow when updating their IGEL OS Endpoints?

What kind of process do others follow when updating their Endpoints Firmware to the newest one? I’m in the process of rolling these out and just did an update to the newest firmware with probably 15 clients. It took a bit of time, but wonder what should i expect when I get 150+ clients on the network? Do you guys just let it loose overnight or have some kind of batch processing you do to take care of clients to new Firmware Versions? Hope this makes sense

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I would highly suggest to move update location to an external server (WEB, FTP, …) in order to get the UMS Server unloaded by this tasks. Then do a scheduled job like Update on Shutdown and / or using the buddy update function (not more than 3/4 devices per Buddy server). Hope it helps a bit!


Great! Thank you !

Does Update on shutdown, apply to restarts? @member

From what I recall no (but have to test, not in the office atm.), only on shutdown, but you could then choose only update (now) or on boot (and there: restart applies).

All my remote locations have extremely slow wan links back to the main site. I distribute the firmware files to an onsite ftp server and use powershell to apply profiles for the local site’s ftp server. This solution ended up being a lot more robust than trying to use a buddy update and over the gig LAN, updates take about 2min per client

If all your clients are at the same site, you could still move the firmware to an ftp server like Sebastien said and offload that task from the UMS server through a single update profile.

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