What are the steps to migrate a UMS Server from RHEL7 to RHEL8

Hi All, we have installed ICG on an RHEL 7 machine in our DMZ. Now our colleagues from server department are pushing us to migrate ASAP to RHEL 8. Is there an official guide available or important steps no to miss? We cannot use Remoteinstaller. We are afraid thousands of clients become unmanageable. Thank you.

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Hi Dbs,

best is to shutdown the old server.

copy the keystore from UMS to the new server, reinstall the same version from old server (assuming DNS stays the same). Reconnect the IGEL Cloud Gateway in Universal Management Suite if necessary, then test one client.

This is what worked on my end.

Hi Sebastien, what do you mean by reinstall same version from old server. Just to clarify? Thx.

Yes, correct. If not latest, upgrade after testing.

Ah, so you mean the icg version? we are on the latest 2.05.110

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