What are the system requirements for running IGEL OS 10?

Hi all. I can’t find the system requirements for running OS10. We have a bunch of clients, I think we need to upgrade/consolidate. Can someone link me the page where this is specified?

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Hi Jose, sure, here we go!


There it is! Thanks 🙂

We have a bunch of UD3 with flash disk 1700 something size. They will not be upgradeable? We have some clients that are the same model running OS10.

I looked at the wrong column, they have 1700 something MB-RAM.

Can you share the CPU type / RAM

size / Igel Product ID?

AMD GX-412HC, RAM 1717, UD3-LX 50ac

@member UD3-LX50ac is upgradeable. You do have 2 GB RAM in those boxes, it shows 1717 due to shared memory with GFX


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