What client is IGEL using for AVD connection?

Does anyone know the technology that IGEL Azure Virtual Desktop client 1.1.25 Build 2.0 uses? Is it Bastion? RDP? ??

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It is RDP. They made a big stink that its just as good as ICA. LOL

it’s our own client based off of Microsoft’s Linux RDClient (formerly RDCore) SDK – completely separate from the igelrdp2 client (which is based on xfreerdp)

Bastion is an RDP/SSH gateway, I don’t think it uses any new connection protocols


tyty! I am submitting a ticket to Microsoft and they needed to know what technology it was using. I can tell them it is based on their Linux RDClient (RDCore) SDK

They had asked if we were using RDP or SSH and also if we were using Bastion. I just did not know what all was in the Igel AVD package.

We are moving our datacenter from on-prem private cloud to Azure and our on-prem is Citrix and ICA works great for us including Webex.

Our testing so far with Azure and Teams has had issues since we started although we have been able to log in with the AVD client until we moved to 11.08.440.01. The AVD client stopped connecting entirely at that point. I have since updated the client in our OS12 testing and it does the same thing.

Chrome browser connects to our AVD host pool and win10 vm, but the AVD client won’t connect to the same place. I’ve been working with Igel support since last week and we can’t get it to connect or find an issue so far but we are still working on it. I am also reaching out to Microsoft support this morning as we need to have this working again soon. Luckily we are not in production yet with Azure.

ICA is working for us very well at present. Hopefully we will learn the AVD system and get it up to the same level soon as we are scheduled to be in full production in Azure by end of year.

If not there’s always the possibility to put your Citrix Workloads in Azure and use a reliable solution based ob HDX 😜 SCNR

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