What differences between IGEL WORKSPACE and IGEL OS?

Hi, what differes between IGEL WORKSPACE and IGEL OS ? From a technical and licensing point of view …?

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Hi, what do you mean? Between Igel OS11 und OS10?

Igel Workspace Edition is the licence for IGEL OS.

No, not between 10 and 11, but between IGEL OS 11.03.110 (which I know is the latest public version) and IGEL WORKSPACE which I can see in the channel new release the latest version is 11.03.264.

If I have a new project, which version I have to deploy and install ..?

It’s the same, just a different name. For the moment, please stay with the official release version 11.03.110. If something isn’t working like Browser Kiosk mode, you could use a private Build version.

Thank you, last question: when will the official version be available and with which name? For example IGEL OS 11.04 or IGEL WORKSPACE 11.04 ?

11.03.500, 01. April

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