What distro of Linux the IGEL kernel is based on?

Does anyone know what distro of Linux the IGEL kernel is based on. I am being asked. I want to say SUSE but not sure.

I believe it is Ubuntu based off of the release notes. An example of an older release note www.igel.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/lx_10.01.120.txt

It’s Ubuntu 16.04 in the recent LX10 and OS11 releases. I believe in the future there will be an upgrade to 18.04

I thought that the OS11 release was for the upgrade to 1804, based on something I heard in a call, but I might not be remembering correctly. Regarding the kernel itself, I’m not sure whether Igel uses a (at least modified) Ubuntu kernel or configures/compiles their own — I wouldn’t be surprised if they used a custom kernel.

If you run the following commands on an IGEL device you’ll get the Ubuntu version and kernel version:

Ubuntu version = cat /etc/os-release (look for value of version id)

Linux Kernel = cat /proc/version (look for Linux version)

Long story short, Ubuntu for v11.x is still at 16.04 and Kernel version is 4.19.85

At first it was planned to use Ubuntu 18.04 in firmware 11.03.x but it got re-scheduled.

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