What does IGEL OS check excactly when checking the default gateway?

Good morning folks! Just a quick question. What does IGEL OS check excactly when checking the default gateway?

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Because fw02.localdomain can be resolved and pinged on the shell but shows as disconnected in the info section. (There’s no apparent issue with the network. I can surf the internet etc.)

Good afternoon Daniel, I can confirm that behavior in my lab too. Apparently it seems to act as in this thread:


May I ask to open a ticket since I believe it should be tracked as bug?

Erm.. stupid question. This link doesn’t work anymore


Whats the link to the ticketing system? I’m failing completely at googling at the moment🙈

No stupid question at all, it’s hard to find sometimes:

Submit a Ticket

Ticket has been opened. ITRS#2019052010000686

I’ll keep you posted.

It seems that this gateway status check only supports hostnames with a max length of 15 alphanumeric chars due to NetBIOS name syntax restrictions. IGEL shortens somehow the target name if it exceeds this restriction and obviously fails checking this shortened version. So my “fw02.localdomain” is just too long (16chars). If I define a shorter one on my firewall (i.e. “fw02.cslab”) the check shows the green tick.

I’m not sure yet if this will be treated as a bug by IGEL. I will report back as soon as I know. But the most important thing is: It doesn’t seem to impact anything. It just doesn’t look nice and may confuse a bit.

Well… checked my lab, I‘m under the 15 Char. limitation and it‘s still failed. I will ask my support colleagues what was meant. Thanks for sharing!

Status update: IGEL support will file a bug report. It was difficult to explain that this is no bad error. Just a confusing little flaw:-)

Status update: A new IGEL supporter started to work on the case. Unfortunately he doesn’t seem to fully understand what the issue is I have reported. As I don’t have time to help debugging the next 2 weeks, a solution will probably take some time. I will keep you posted.

I’ve just been informed, that this behaviour will be fixed in IGEL OS 11.02.100!🎉

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