What does it mean to “Set the compositor on in IGEL configuration to enable share-off-loading for Zoom”?

I’m just installing the zoom plugin custom partition that I downloaded from the Zoom website.

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It has a line in the read me under requirements that says “2. Set the compositor on in IGEL configuration (off by default) to enable share-off-loading for Zoom: setparam windowmanager.wm0.variables.usecompositing true”

Anyone explain what this means?

If you are refering to the VDI Plugin, no need to use a CP anymore. On actual firmwares like 11.04.240, it is included by default:


I’m referring to WVD plugin

think your announcment said it needs to be 11.04.500

11.05, now I got your point. For the Composite setting go to your Profile and:

thank you

it’s already set in the CP profile that I imported by the look of it

This might not be what you wanted to know, but just in case, I think that compositing generally involves storing window contents as textures in a buffer and then drawing the screen by computing the position and layout of these textures (windows) and combining them into a final image. Non-compositing just writes everything directly to the screen. Windows starting using compositing in Vista, I think, and it’s how it could do the fancy effects with minimizing and previewing windows. Lots of Linux window managers support composing, as well. As far as why Zoom would want to disable that, I’m not sure… maybe there is some bug with their offload rendering engine that makes it not work with compositing on Linux or in X.F.C.E.

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