What does it mean when a device in UMS has a diagonal purple line through it?

What does it mean when a device in UMS has a diagonal purple line through it?

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That means, that the device is not licensed.


Thanks Falk, that is the page, I want to search and add to my post. 😄

It had a license and was working. It shows that it has one in UMS

Can you maybe refresh your UMS console?

I have several times, closed and restarted UMS console and it is still showing no license but says expiration date of maintenance as March 28, 2021

I’ve noticed this too when applying an EMP license. Ever since this current release of UMS, or maybe the one prior, the thin client icon will remain with the diagonal line for quite some time. Since I don’t stare at it and count, I’m going to guess around 5-10 minutes until it turns green and becomes accessible through UMS

Thanks, it’s been there for an hour or so now.

@member Did it turn green after some minuts like Mike suggested?

Here’s a strange observation regarding the purple diagonal line that I’m encountering. One of our workflows is to pre-stage IGEL devices internally for connecting to ICG when the user takes the thin client home. I can explain more about my setup if anyone’s curious, but in summary, I’ve set automatic distribution for EMP licensing based on the existence of a thin client in a particular directory. In the past, I can’t say I’ve noticed the icon with the diagonal line for an extended period of time that I’m now seeing. It could have been that I just wasn’t paying attention, but I suspect that something is behaving differently since upgrading to the latest version of UMS. As a test, I selected a thin client that only had a WE license (confirmed in the license portal). I then assigned my profile that ‘converts’ the thin client to ‘remote’ and saw it end up in the expected directory (which is where the EMP should auto-allocate a license). I waited about 10 minutes and the thin client icon never changed to green, and it did not show as being licensed for EMP (yes, I did refresh a bunch). However, in the license portal it showed this thin client as consuming an EMP license. I then went in UMS and refreshed license pack information. I then went back to the directory where the thin client resides and refreshed UMS and the device icon turned green and shows as having an EMP license…

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