What does the red cross icon in the IGEL UMS mean and how can i fix it to green?

Hey Everyone,

my Igel Thin Client UD2-LX 50 works fine, but on the Client in OS under “Information” i have a red Icon (red cross) at the row “Universal Management Suite”. However, it shows the right IP of the UMS Server, also the UMS works fine and i can deploy configurations to the client and stuff. What does the red cross mean and how can i fix it to green?

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what happens when you open a Terminal window and run the following commands:


`probeport your_UMS_IP 8443`

`probeport your_UMS_IP 30001`

also, stupid question but is the time and date of the thin client correct?

`ums_available FAIL`

`probeport your_UMS_IP 8443 Connection Successfull`

`probeport your_UMS_IP 30001 Connection Successfull`

time and date is correct

Thanks Max. What version is the UMS Server please?

Also, can you check that the file /wfs/server.crt exists on the thin client? Run:

`ls /wfs/`

Igel Universal Management Suite Konsole 6.02.100 (Build 42027)

Whats the status from the UMS? Green/red?

the file server.crt exists in the /wfs/ directory on the thin client

The status of the Thin Client in the UMS Console is green

run a Scan for devices from the UMS (round radar button) and check if the device comes up with Certificate stored: Yes

does your UMS have a static IP? and if so, is it registered inside a DNS A record?

Seems like a similar issue to that thread, I guess:


How long is your hostname with FQDN?

Hey David,

yes if i scan the devices, my devices shows up and the table says Certificate Stored : Yes

Also the UMS has a static IP and is registered in the DNS, also all other (older) Devices we use in our company show a positive hook at the row “Universal Management Suite” . So the Problem is only at the new Devices UD2-LX 50.

Is UDP 30001 from endpoint to UMS available? I checked it in my lab, when disabling it in my FW, I‘ve got the red cross.

How can i check it?

If i check this command, i get Success:

`probeport your_UMS_IP 30001 Connection Successfull`

when i do “ums_available” on a working thin client, then it says:

RMSERVER: 192.168.X.X


The IP however, is not the IP of the UMS

Did you migrate from an older UMS Server? Is this still online?

i solved the Issue. The Problem was an old DNS-Record called igelrmserver. Here was one old IP-Address pointed. I fixed the IP-Adsress in the DNS-Record and now i have a green check on the Clients Info and also the Command “ums_available” works.

Nice work!

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