What exactly happens when I change the “based on” menu in a IGEL UMS profile?

I have a question “behind the scene”. What exactly happens when, in UMS, I change the “based on” menu in a profile assinging a new version of firmware to already assigned thinclients? Meaning the exact flush of operations in UMS and on ThinClient, and when they are applied and keeped. Thank you.

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Really good question!! I‘m sure you could 10 people at IGEL, and you would get 10 different answers😅

I‘ve been told that profiles are always downwards compatible, means that a Profile with 11.05, should work 11.01. If you change the firmware based on, basically, no interactions with the endpoint will happen, at least not actively.

My suggestion is: try to keep them aligned on major release versions OS11 a.e., even better 11.04 / 11.05

The official statement I received: it shouldn‘t matter, but from my my experience it does🙂

Since now, when I upgrade a thinclient to a new firmware version, I always go to each profile and prmote also it to the relative version. This is why, also, I have different profeiles doing the same settings, but based on differente version ….

I see that different version of profile, activate different settings in the profile based on the version. And that’s ok and clear.

But I cannot really understand what happen when change an already assigned profile version to an UP or DOWN version. It will be interesting to discover …

That‘s a huge amount of work but a really clean procedure! It isn‘t required to do every firmware version, but if it‘s part of your standard process: all good!

I would only have an eye on outdated profile version and delete them.

If you update / downgrade a profile it will basically enable or disable the set of settings available for that FW. So if Teams opt. a.e. isn‘t there, it will show up after update or vice versa.

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