What firewall ports are required for our load balancer from being populated into an HA cluster?

Something with Windows Firewall is blocking a load balancer from being populated into an HA cluster. I verified this in a test environment. I have opened inbound 8443, 9080, 30001, 30002, 30005, and 61616 and still no load balancer in the cluster. Am I missing a port? Do any outbound connection firewall ports need to be opened?

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Tried turning off the firewall as a test and ensure it’s all working correctly? This will verify if it’s the load balancer, firewall or server.

No easy way to do this in production as the firewall is locked by GPO. But I was able to replicate the issue in our test environment and load balancer appeared in UMS once firewalls were disabled

Have a look in the firewall log file, it will say what’s been allowed or blocked.

Should i be searching for a specific port in the log? I was digging through them on both UMS and Load Balancer server and nothing was jumping out at me

These are all of the UMS ports:


Found the issue. UDP 6155 needs to be open. This is not in the official documentation and the document may need to be updated. The second I opened this port on the load balancer it popped into the UMS console.

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