What goes in DHCP option 43 for registering IGEL OS devices automatically?

Could anyone share an example of what goes in DHCP option 43 if using the approach outlined here kb.igel.com/endpointmgmt-6.05/en/registering-devices-automatically-31599395.html

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Just in case, did you created a Vendor Class in your DHCP Server? and which kind of OS are you using?

I haven’t created a Vendor Class in DHCP. Do I need to? And I don’t know what OS DHCP is running on. I use a web portal to access my WAN providers DHCP service. This allows me to configure entries.

This isn’t a ‘how’ question. I’E I’m not asking how to configure DHCP option 43. I’m trying to work out what needs to go in the otion.


If my UMS server was called ‘igelums01’ and was on IP then I think I would set option 224 to “” (a string), but option 224 is not available to me.

So, as option 43 is used to send option 224, I’m guessing I set option 43 to 3139322e3136382e302e31 (the hex of

option 43 ascii “IpOFYourUMS”

would fit better. If only Hex isavailable: the the HEx of your UMS IP.

So the hex would be C0A80001 not 311932…. ?

If C0A80001 is your UMS IP, it should yes.

Thanks, will try it when I’m back in the office

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