What happens if IGEL OS devices can’t connect to UMS (during maintenance, for example)

So I have a question regarding the update process for the UMS. I haven’t done an actual UMS update, firmware on our UD3 units yes, but not the actual UMS console. My biggest question is, our environment has one instance of UMS, there isn’t a backup or secondary instance because we’re a pretty low traffic environment. With a single instance, does that mean it would require the UMS to go down while applying an update? Meaning users would not be able to connect? Would users who are already connected be disconnected if the UMS were to go down? I apologize if these seem like trivial questions, but the only documentation I can find discusses HA environments, or how to update firmware. Ultimately I am trying to determine if the UMS update will require after hours work, or if this can be done during business hours. Any resources or guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time. 😊

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If clients can not connect to the ums, they use their existing config

Users wont be bothered (running firmware-updates or fileuploads etc. would be disconnected)

an update – normally – doesn’t take more than 10 minutes. and like Falk already said – as long as the devices can’t connect to the UMS they’re using their existing config

an end user doesn’t know whether his device is connected to the UMS or not. Normally the devices connects in the morning after booting up and checks for new settings. It makes no sense if a device permanently checks for updates. It only get’s a notification when a profile is assigned to it. And here – hopefully – the admin configured that the update will be executed during shut down in the evening or booting up in the morning.

UMS upgrades are a simple menu click and painless

Thank you for all of the feedback, this was very helpful!

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