What happens when a ICG Certificate expires?

Can anyone advise what happens when the ICG SSL certificate expires? Will the ICG devices no longer be able to connect or will you just be unable to register any new devices?

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Expired certificates should stop devices ability to connect.

We always renewed our certificate before it expires so no practical experience. But if the certificate expires IGEL devices will not connect again as the the certificate is not trusted anymore. Established connections should not be terminated as long as the connection is not interrupted. If you install a new one with the same FQDN from a trusted CA they will connect again.

Everything is well until the Root CA expires, the SSL certificate itself gets exchanged as soon as you renewed:

kb.igel.com/igelicg-2.05/en/renewing-a-signed-certificate-for-the-icg-57324428.html kb.igel.com/igelicg-2.05/en/renewing-a-signed-certificate-for-the-icg-57324428.html

in case Root Ca is about to expire: kb.igel.com/igelicg-2.05/en/exchanging-the-root-certificate-for-icg-57324440.html kb.igel.com/igelicg-2.05/en/exchanging-the-root-certificate-for-icg-57324440.html

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