What happens when I move them to an external network (WAN)?

UMS 12 and OS12 question,

If I register devices locally on my LAN with UMS 12 (Registered on IGEL Customer Portal and ILP), What occurs when i move them to an external network (WAN)?

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I mean, I register my laptop at the office to my UMS 12 (Radar icon, not OBS or OTP) and then I take it home, that has network connection to my office via VPN. UMS remote management will persist for that device? or is better to use OTP registration method with external UMS URL?

Is the Universal Management Suite reachable from the internet DNS / 8443?


Would have to test but then it should work.

As long as they can communicate over 8443 and the names / ips are in the web cert — all good.


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