What happens when the IGEL Cloud Gateway certificate expires?

Hello All,

What happens when the certificate expires? Are the Igel ThinClients still connected via ICG or do they receive an error message?

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Hello, which Certificate exactly?

SSL Certificate

Could you define which exactly with a screenshot?

They are Certificates available around Universal Management Suite

This is the server certificate that is provided as a keystore file for the ICG.

kb.igel.com/igelicg-2.04/en/updating-expired-icg-keystores-54069265.html kb.igel.com/igelicg-2.04/en/updating-expired-icg-keystores-54069265.html

The device will still be able to retrieve the renew one.

So if I change something in the profile, they get this setting?

No, but it would cone back after the cert was renewed.

The certificate expires next Monday. I now have the problem that the new Certificiate has another root certificate. Some ThinClients have now received the new root certificate so I can make the change, but many have not yet received the new root certificate. What are my options? Should I try to renew the old certificate with the same root?

At least it would give you a couple of days to have the new CA deployed. Yes.

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