What hardware is required to use wireless on a IGEL UD3 device?

Hello – what hardware is required to use wireless on a UD3 device?

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You mean which kind of accessories is needed?

www.startech.com/Networking-IO/Wireless/mini-wireless-n-network-adapter~USB300WN2X2C is working fine

My company had a quick discussion about this, whether we could just use any Linux-supported Wi-Fi dongle, or whether we needed to use the vendor-supported wireless foot. Does Igel support any Wi-Fi U.S.B. dongles so that we don’t need to instruct people to use the whole foot accessory?

It’s in our 3rd party database: www.igel.com/linux-3rd-party-hardware-database/

Search for startech

@member I believe, that the full support is only given for the extension foot, but best effort support will stay for devices from the 3rd party DB.

Thanks! The discussion was a while ago, so maybe we didn’t see it back then.

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