What hardware would maximize the performance of IGEL OS UDC3 or what hardware would be a waste?

Our current PCs running UDC3 are coming up for replacement and we’re looking at refreshing them with some kind of Dell desktop. I’m wondering if there is some kind of guide in regards to hardware specs but more like what hardware can I add to maximize the performance of UDC3 or what hardware would be a waste to put in a UDC3. For example, if we added 32gb of ram or SSD hard drives, I’m guessing that wouldn’t be used too much by UDC3?

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It wouldn‘t make sense to increase the drive size IMHO, of course having SSD instead of HDD would makes sense. If you plan to increase something (since I‘m assuming your actual HDD/SSDs are bigger than 4-8GB), I would go for RAM or GPU if you think that Multimedia or H264/265 will impact your work.

Bigger drives would be helpful when using big Custom Partitions, local files (Sane Scanner) or local services.

Thanks. So GPUs on the actual client would help or would that also require/depend on VMware Horizon that we are using? Is there a point where UDC3 will take advantage a certain amount of ram? For example would it be overkill to have more ram on the physical hardware than the VMs that are being served up?

It depends from what you plan to do, Blast extreme is different from horizon with RDP.

On Ram, no, I believe that everything between 4-8Gb is more than enough, and I mean really more than enough for the next few years.

We are using Blast Extreme right now. The current PCs have stock integrated video.

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