What is best to use in a VDI environment: IGEL UD 2 / 3 or IGEL Zero CLient?

Hi, a potential customer is asking me what he has to choose (read: what is best) to use in a VDI environment: Igel UD2/3-LX or Igel Zero CLient . I personally have no experience with the Igel Zero client zo I thought; Let’s ask my Igel Friends for advise 😉

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Hi Henk-Jan! The difference is actually that the IZ-clients only supports one VDI-service; Citrix HDX, Vmware Horizon or Microsoft RDS/RFX. In the UD-clients You get support for all of them. Hardware is the same (IZ2 = UD2 and IZ3 = UD3). IZ-clients aslo has 3 years warranty while UD has up to 5 years.

And, I would like to add one killer argument for UD instead of IZ: Custom Partition is available there (instead of IZ). One advantage of IZ (actually): Multimedia Codec Pack is included (on UD has to be ordered and paid separately).

So: standard use, low budget: IZ, more polyvalent use and future proof: UD

we have both, for vdi i never missed the ud features and iz is great. i think there is/was even a upgrade path from iz to ud

Let’s not forget the warranty, IZ units have 3 years warranty and UD units 5 years. (except for UD 9)

Is it possible to configure browser sessions as well on IZ-devices, and can the firmware be changed from IZ to UD or the other way?

Yes, browser is included, in every case. Yes, you are able to order a upgrade license which change the IZ to a UD Device.

IZ units are a little under powered for GPU enabled desktopsworkloads so i would say that “it depends” part on what they are brokering to.

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