What is the best practice for upgrading IGEL Cloud Gateway on AWS?

We are upgrading our IGEL Cloud Gateway (which is on AWS) from version 2.02.100 to 2.03.100 and I have a few questions.

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Question, what is the best way to perform this upgrade?

· Our ICG is installed on Amazon Linux 2 OS so can we use the UMS Administration / UMS Network / IGEL Cloud Gateway process UPDATE wizard option?

· Also we have been told by various sources that it is better to perform an uninstall of the ICG software then perform the install of the latest ICG software version? Or should we perform just an upgrade to this existing ICG software.

Hi, it depends from how you are feeling comfortable, I always prefer to SSH the ICG Server, and perform the update there, just because it gives you more flexibility and response in case of failure than the Remote Installer. But the Update Wizard will work yes, especially if you installed the server this way.

Uninstall is not needed if you are already on pretty actual versions.

Thanks for the update.

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