What is the best way to downgrade the IGEL UMS?

Has anyone ever downgraded the UMS., for example, hypothetically, if a new version did not work as expected? Does it require restoring the database (because of changes in the schema) or anything like that? I have never needed to do it, nor do I foresee needing to do so, but an internal questionnaire asks about it.

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Yes, and it‘s a pain… The best way IMHO is to restore a Backup from your Embedded DB or SQL. To be clear: it will mostly work to downgrade but in some specific steps (like on major DB Updates) not

Easiest way is to create backup of db and snapshot of the ums vm at the same time – if you then have an error you can revert to both of them. But make sure you don’t deploy any igel clients in the meantime – as they would be unknown after the reset

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