What is the best way to rename the UD Pockets automatically? (Prefix+UUID)

What is the best way to rename the UD Pockets automatically? (Prefix+UUID)

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You mean automatically? A way could be to use the Autorenaming with Naming convention could help (even if it doesn’t cover the UNIT ID).


The other approach could be a script like described here:


Thank you for that. Do you know what happens when you enable the Adjust Names of Devices setting? Is there a visible notification on the IGEL?

It’s a system wide setting so can’t test it based on a directory

Sure! It only applies to new devices (freshly registered), old ones don‘t get touched (until you click rename all devices).

Selecting the “Adjust UMS-internal names if network name has been changed” doesn’t enable the “Rename all device” options. I’m curious to know the impact of that setting

That means that if selected, the device will rename his name (the name showed in UMS, together with his online state) as soon it‘s rebooted (1-3 times).

The standard local Hostname is usually ITCMacAddress but this gets changed locally or DHCP a.e. it would reflect in UMS too.

Gotcha. Thank you for taking the time to respond.

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