What is the command to test the serial interface on IGEL OS?

Hello, I ́m not sure to be in the right group. I’ve to test Client Version 11.03. Everything is fine, but the the last test breaks my head. My Hardware is a Lenovo M625q and I want to test the serial interface. All I want to now is, if the serial interface is active and recocnized the device behind. Similar to the Linux Comand “lsusb”. But I can ́t find a solution.

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Hello @member This command should do the trick:

ls -la /dev/serial/by-id/

I hope that helps.

Thanks for helping. But there is no directory serial. Does this mean that the serial interface is not active? Then I would have to install a driver first?

Try this:

$ dmesg | grep ttyS

Perfect 🙂

Serial Interface is working.

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