What is the difference between USB Access Control vs Native USB Redirection on IGEL OS?

Hi everyone,

I’m looking for a little clarification/guidance on USB Access Control vs Native USB Redirection. I inherited this setup from a previous admin, and in the profiles they had created they had enabled both USB Access Control (under Devices) and Native USB Redirection (under Citrix Global), and set both to `Deny`. I’m digging about right now to get webcams working via the Microsoft Teams optimization (under Citrix Global > Unified Communications > VDI Solutions). I have been able to get it to work successfully by disabling USB Access Control. I’ve not yet tested having USB Access Control enabled and disabling Native USB Redirection.

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So my question here is, what is the difference between USB Access Control vs Native USB Redirection? Is having both enabled and set to `Deny` by default overkill? My impression is that USB Access Control applies system wide, while Native USB Redirection applies only to the Citrix session, but wanted to check and make sure I’m on the right track. Thanks for your thoughts~

Hi Andrew, the USB Access control is more a security feature, which enables / disables access to local device in general, inside of the OS.

The Native USB Redirection is complimentary and is seen AFTER Native USB Redirection and is only needed for Session.

In general: a device would be whitelisted in USB ACL AND Native USB Redirection.

That being said… Webcams should never be used in Native USB Redirection: files.igelcommunity.com/igelos_ucc_configuration_guide.pdf

Thank you @member – so if we have both set to `deny` as a default rule, cameras should still be allowed through without additional configuration? The cameras are not being specified in the USB ACL or in Native USB Redirection at all, but when both are enabled cameras do not appear to function despite the Teams optimization being enabled.

deny USB ACL as standard means: you need to add the VendorID and ProductID of the cam, independently from the Native USB Redirection or Teams.

or disable the whole USB ACL during testing, just to avoid some misconfigurations.

Keep deny on Native USB Redirection and follow the guide sent above, then you should be good!

Alrighty, I’ll give it a try – thank you @member!

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