What is the easiest way to cancel the scheduled IGEL OS firmware install?

Boy am I hoping someone here can help me. I was recently sent a link for the 10.05.550 firmware for UD3 devices, this was to address the odd issue we were having with sound preferences not writing. Luckily, it fixed all of those problems, hooray!

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So, with great enthusiasm I scheduled devices to grab the firmware and then scheduled them to install the firmware tonight when they shutdown. However, today I found out that this firmware version creates a new issue.

For my dual monitor users I’ve had to specify that the DisplayPort is to be on monitor one, and then the DVI naturally resolves to monitor two. This setting no longer works, for my test group of users I’ve had to move the DVI cable to monitor 1 in order for them to display properly. 😞 Now isn’t the greatest time either, I’m overwhelmed with projects so investing time in a fix isn’t going to fit with the other demands on me.

So, after all of that my question is, does the UMS have a way to cancel the scheduled firmware install set for tonight? I simply right clicked the bucket holding my live devices and chose the update to apply when shutting down. I’m hoping this exists as a job or task somewhere, but I can’t find anything. Help?

Easiest way? Remove the Firmware Profile for 10.05.550 assigned to your directory and replace it by the actual installed one (10.05.500 a.e.) if the command is already sent out, no way to cancel it without interacting with Command line…

or rename the update directory in the ums_filetransfer directory, so that the update profile does not work…

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