What is the easiest way to deploy hundreds of IGEL OS thin client?

Hi all.

I need to know what the procedure is, if I want to deploy hundreds of IGEL OS on thin client.

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That’s possible ?

It is possible, depending on what you are trying to accomplish there are multiple methods.

Hi @member kb.igel.com/endpointmgmt-6.03/en/automating-the-roll-out-process-22463134.html kb.igel.com/endpointmgmt-6.03/en/automating-the-roll-out-process-22463134.html This article should cover it to 100% when speaking about LAN, if ICG is needed, that‘s another topic.

When I say deploy it’s os deploy like nothing on machine and I install hundreds of os with Igel os by broadcasting for example.

Not profiles custom for the os already installed.

Ok, so, there when speaking about the OS Deploy itself, I would go for a PXE Solution or use our own one:

kb.igel.com/udcdepl-11.0/igel-os-deployment-appliance-10347220.html kb.igel.com/udcdepl-11.0/igel-os-deployment-appliance-10347220.html

myigel.biz/public/IGEL_UDC_OS_DEPLOYMENT_APPLIANCE/Readme%20Deployment%20Appliance%203.2.txt myigel.biz/public/IGEL_UDC_OS_DEPLOYMENT_APPLIANCE/Readme%20Deployment%20Appliance%203.2.txt


having the OSC installed on Sticks / having the ISO Extracted and imported in existing PXE Servers:

fwu.igel.com/files/IGEL_OS_11/OSC/OSC_11.03.110.zip fwu.igel.com/files/IGEL_OS_11/OSC/OSC_11.03.110.zip

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