What is the new name for the command ‘vainfo’ as it changed in Igel OS 11.05?

I see that the terminal command vainfo is no longer an option in later versions of firmware (11.05.x ?). What is the command that replaced vainfo ?

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try vdpauinfo

With that command I receive, “cannot connect to X server”

Not sure if it matters but this device is a UD2

It needs a DISPLAY setting. If you ssh into it, it hasn’t one:

DISPLAY=:0 vdpauinfo

ah, OK, so I need to run this command on the endpoint itself and not through remote shell

You can, but there must be a DISPLAY running and you have to specify it, like written.

It might still depend on the GPU type. Not sure if all have vdpauinfo, try also vainfo with the DISPLAY specified.

I receive this

what does cat /config/XServer/card0 give?

Hi Jo, running that command gives me this,

Looks like your hwva partition (Hardware Video Acceleration) is missing

Just checked with an intel hw. It’s still vainfo on intel.

Is this normal for a UD2 (M250C)?

No valid license maybe?

Or feature by accident switched off?

License should be good. Probably feature turned off. Any hints on such a feature?

this one:

get services.hardware_video_acceleration.enabled

Thank you. I do not have this feature enabled (which explains it!). Not sure why I don’t, but I’ll enable on my test unit.

That did it! vainfo now showing me all the stuff of interest I was seeking. Thank you again!

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