What is the path is to get a file to show on the desktop of an IGEL OS client?

Can somebody tell me what the path is to get a file to show on the desktop of an iGel client?

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Located under:


I tried that but the text file still doesn’t show on the iGel client.

I’ll have a play now and get back to you


What if you were to publish a browser via UMS to an internal page with all the instructions?

@member, Carl is right, I would prefer to have it setup on a webserver. The Textfile would need some additional tweaks to get it working. In Addition: the Webserver would work also without an ICG Connection. If you need it locally, you could add the file to /wfs/ and point the firefox to it

@member the path is /userhome/Desktop

case sensitive and no capitol H in userhome

I was able to get this to work. I just had to make the owner root. I then was not able to open the file but gave other users Read access. Now my file is delivered to the desktop and I am able to open it. Thank you for all of the help. You people are AWESOME!

Excellent, glad it’s all working for you.

@member interesting, my directory structure shows a capital H

@member but not mine:


@member I also have /userhome @member did you use the terminal or the console switcher (ctrl+alt+f11)?

I used the console switcher (ctrl+alt+f12)

That‘s where the difference comes from, different context!

In what scenarios would you use each context?

Use the Terminal andBash should be fine!

Whats the key combo to get you to terminal?

Accessories=>Terminal=>add a new session by the blue star.

ahh ok, using the terminal from there. Thanks @member

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