What is the path to the log files for IGEL Custom Partition (CP)?

Does anyone know the path to the log files for CP? I am posting this in the ICG channel, as I am trying to push a CP leveraging ICG via https.

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In general:


But are you failing on the deployment itself?

Not sure to be honest. The CP is created, the file is downloaded, the icon is placed on the desktop (generic icon), but I am unable to launch.

I would go to Terminal (CLI) and check if your cp is there as /custom

and check there if you can start it from CLI.

And it sure isnt!

Sorry, it IS actually there.

Let me see if I can launch it

Damn – I am an idiot, I was trying to send Teams via CP, but I loaded the config for Zoom.

So, long story short, I was able to deploy Teams as a CP via ICG.

Great success!



Should I make a blog post on how I did it?

Did you use the automation to build Teams in 42 seconds?



No, I just sent the full package

I am not sure I understand how to execute the .sh file from an https source

Just watch the video… 😉

On your 18.04 ubuntu system:

cd ~/Downloads

mkdir teams

cd teams

wget raw.githubusercontent.com/IGEL-Community/IGEL-Custom-Partitions/master/CP_Source/Unified_Communications/Microsoft_Teams/build-teams-cp.sh raw.githubusercontent.com/IGEL-Community/IGEL-Custom-Partitions/master/CP_Source/%5B…]Unified_Communications/Microsoft_Teams/build-teams-cp.sh

chmod a+x build-teams-cp.sh


I did, but you executed manually on a local TC. I am trying to do it via ICG

Aha, I am seeing what you are saying now. Your script is for GETTING the latest version of Teams, and not the actual deployment to a TC device. Am I understanding that correctly?

Yep… sorry…

AHH! Eureka moment here. Forgive me, not enough coffee yet

For your file server — replace / update lines 26, 27, 28 with your name, URL, password


Really, really cool stuff

And here is Conky –> github.com/IGEL-Community/IGEL-Custom-Partitions/tree/master/CP_Source/Apps/Conky

Some cool stuff in your Repo!

Our IGEL Community GitHub Repo!! 😉

I like the way you think.

Just ran it. 49 seconds. Excellent

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