What more is required to install the PrinterLogic installer client on an IGEL OS beyond the pre-configured profile?

Seeking assistance with a PrinterLogic deployment for Igel-OS via UMS/cloud gateway deployment.

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We’re able to get the PL icon to furnish in the taskbar on the igel device, however all of the context menu options are rendered useless as clicking seems to get you nowhere.. Anyone else experienced this behavior before and have any suggestions for remedying? PrinterLogic portal seems to think the printerinstaller client is not actually installed on the device as it continues to prompt about it anytime I log in.. Perhaps this is related to our issue, but then that leads to my next question; What more is required to install the PrinterLogic installer client on an Igel device beyond deploying the pre-configured profile?

Thanks in advance!

The tray icon is currently problematic: PL backend is starting and stopping too many of it’s tray icons and leaves a non functional one at the end on the tray.

As a workaround you could get a new and working tray icon with the following Custom command:

_killall system_tray_icon; sleep 1; /services/plogic/service_interface/system_tray_icon_

@member Thank you for this excellent tip! To your note, we also have encountered the dupes of the icon. Perhaps you’d be willing to assist just a tad bit further — I’ve run the commands as you’ve suggested, and icon is now functional, only all options now prompt new I/O default browser error

Hi, @member. I see the PL systray icon has let you down again. And to my view it’s not very useful in current builds, either,

But I found a workaround to cover the 4 systray functions by 4 equivalent custom apps.

Here’s a profile which covers Add Printer, the 2 Pull Printing actions and Refresh. The custom apps are put to the panel and context menu.

The command for each of the apps is directly calling PL backend with the respective functionality.

Hi @member – Thank you so much for getting back to me and providing even further insight and resources for resolving! I will plug this profile in and see where it takes us in testing. Do you know what others that leverage PL/IGEL in the wild are doing to cope with these issues? If all functionality is in place in terms of backend, I don’t know that having the systray icon for PL is any sort of criticality or showstopper per se, as I would imagine there must be a way to use PL for managing print environment on IGEL, yet also have the IGEL taskbar hidden from view, and everything still work as needed?

Hi both,

Please try the following private build, I couldn’t test it but it should fix the issue


I have now successfully tested the build, issue resolved

Good to hear

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