What permissions are required in order to save the IGEL OS device log files?

Hello Everyone. Does anyone happen to know what permissions are required in order to save the device log files? We are attempting to limit permissions in the IGEL environment, and are finding that a user that is not a full admin is unable to save these files. Just wondering if we missed something here. Thank you!

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Hello Shane, when clicking on System, Administrator Accounts, your Account, Edit:

Thank you @member I will verify to ensure that this is set and will let you know shortly!

Hello @member – The group has the specified permissions, but they are unable to save the logs. When the user selects the ‘Save device files for support’ option, the screen appears with the ‘Next’ button greyed out. If you deselect and reselect the device, the next button is no longer greyed out, but the user is unable to click on it.

Which Rights do they have atm.? It might that Webdav is needed too (if disabled elsewhere)

Here are the permissions assigned to the

And the users don’t have any additional personlized rights?

That’s correct – all permissions are being handled via the AD group.

Which UMS version are you on?

Here are the effective group rights on a device

UMS is 6.05.100

Could it be linked to the Device -> UMS setting?

Yes! That could be!

Thank you for your time. It is appreciated.

@member – looks like this functionality requires the ‘Write’ permissions on the Devices to work properly… my colleague tracked that down on Friday and I just found out this morning. Thanks for the help!

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