What port do I need open for IGEL ICG shadowing?

What port or ports do I need open for shadowing? We can shadow from are local IGEL server but anybody from their computer using USM Console can’t shadow into any IGELs that are connected to the cloud gateway. Is the cloud gateway trying to make the shadowing connecting back to USM console on the local computer or would it be coming from the local IGEL server? thanks

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what version of UMS and ICG are you running?

8443 between the _console_ and ICG server

it probably works from the local UMS server because 8443 is already open for general ICG <-> UMS functionality 🙂

UMS is 6.05.100 and gateway is 2.01.130

Just wanted to make sure you were at a level that supported shadowing through ICG. Those do.

so the issue is that it doesn’t work when from UMS Console that is installed somewhere other than the UMS server?

that is correct but only for igels that are in cloud gateway. We can still shadow to any IGELs on-site with any USM console.

As, mentioned, Port 8443 is what it uses. So that probably needs opened between the computers where you are running UMS console and the ICG. I thought those connections went through the UMS server to the ICG, but Shadowing may go direct from UMS Console to the ICG.

yea, shadowing is its own separate websocket connection established between the console, ICG and thin client

Thanks – will be testing here soon

If on the latest version of UMS, have you tried to shadow through the UMS Web App?

So then connection goes from Console> Local Server > ICG > Thin client all over 8443? Or once connected does the console attempt to connect directly to the thin client over 8443 – @member no I have not tried on UMS Web App

the latter is what is eventually established for shadowing

If they installed the UMS console into their computer, make sure that the port 8443 is open from their computer TO ICG. You can use Portqry from computer and try 8443 with ICG ip. If it’s not working, check local firewall or physical firewalls

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