What process runs when you reconfigure the display on IGEL OS?

Do you know what is the process Igel runs when you reconfigure the display. I have problems with wacom tablets, they dont’ show the user desktop and stay black, but when I made a change in the display profile and it is applied , the wacom backs to life. But everytime pc is rebooted, again black.

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What happens when you issue a command like

systemctl restart lightdm

when screens are black? Does it work then?

let me check it

no luck

it is smething related to the display screen config

xrandr only detects one display, but after changing something in the profile, the display is there.

when it boots only detect one display, but if you make any change in the display profile, it comes to life.

Just in case this helps, it looks like it runs /config/sessions/user_display0 (the number might differ?), which runs /usr/bin/igel_display_switcher .

Thanks, I will try it.

igel_display_switcher is the command line command to start the display switcher (in former times xfce display settings), keep my fingers crossed!

You could also try to see if a process igel_display_daemon is there, if yes, terminate it and restart it by issuing igel_display_daemon

Not working anything, just change something in the profile and reapply it.

The dsiplay is detected

But you can not see it in the display switch configuration

I opened a case ITRS#2019100410000671

my case answer…

Thank you for providing everything so far,

I have checked the Wacom product against our 3rd Party Database and sadly there is no entry for this Tablet, which would make this unsupported sadly. So going forward i would not be able to support this method as it does not have an entry in the 3rd Party DB that we have.

Many apologies for this, i imagine at some point there would be Support for this product but i cannot give you timeframes or dates around this.

Again all i can do is apologise that i cannot Support this tablet being used.

Link to the 3rd Part DB is below for reference.

Linux 3rd Party Hardware Database


are they kidding me?

I’m on a trade fair, but will write them!

Please send them

also the advice that Sebastian K. and I were involved!


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