What version of Cisco JVDI is installed in IGEL OS 11.03.100, 12.7.0 or 12.7.1?

We are trying to implement Cisco JVDI and are having some trouble. The IGEL OS 11.03.100 documentation states the version of JVDI installed is 12.7. We are taking that aas 12.7.0; is that correct or is it 12.7.1?

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True, it is 12.7.0, 12.7.1 will come with the 11.03.500.

Which kind of issues are you facing?

Can’t get the agent to connect to the client. Haven’t done much troubleshooting, but wanted to verify the version before we got too far.

Works from Citrix to Windows, just not Citrix to IGEL

Ok, just a few thoughts:

1) did you enabled the Feature itself under System,Firmware Customization, Features ?

2) you have enabled the channel itself under Sessions > Citrix > Citrix Global > Unified Communications > Cisco Jabber

3) the versions of Jabber/Jabber Agent on Citrix correspond to 12.7.0?

Yes and yes

and yes? or are versions still to check? 😄

And yes… Oops

the feature itself is enabled by default. We have a profile that enables the channel

I will say, we have made some progress. The JVDI client version in Jabber is showing correctly now. It was saying NULL. I factory reset the device and re-applied the profiles.

Now the issue is that it will not connect to the phone system. So I will get with our Network Engineer to have him verify things on his side.

@member Do you mind sharing what a succesful Jabber/JVDI connections looks like? (screenshot). This has been on my radar for so long, but other things kep pulling me away.

Yeah, I will get you something. We are going to test doing a custom partition with 12.8.0 installed as that is the version we are moving to everywhere else in the org, but was trying to get it with what was currently installed first.

It’s Working! It’s Working! Had to reset Jabber settings as it had newer config info in my profile from before we downgraded it to 12.7.0.

Now to get this thing to use the mic on the headset instead of the built in mic (using headset plugged into 3.5mm port).

Usually, you should see the devices available inside the Jabber client. There you should be able to choose the devices with their local names, st least with USB Devices.

right, the internal speakers and mic use the same sound card as the audio jack does

You could try to switch them in the Local Sound mixer (Taskbar, Speaker Symbol) if they are splitted there.

I think you are on to something

that worked, but then the speakers in the headset stop working. Going to keep working with that though

also, when I remove the headset and plug it back in, it defaults back to the internal mic

You could try to set the Priority of Default Soubd Output / Input Devices:

kb.igel.com/igelos-11.03.100/en/options-24386267.html kb.igel.com/igelos-11.03.100/en/options-24386267.html

I have it working, but if the headset gets unplugged while the session is connected, then it won’t switch back to the headset

maybe the default priorities will help with that

It should at least😅

Currently on a Cisco Meetings call through Jabber on a laptop converted to igel using a citrix desktop with audio and video with absolutely no issues! Woo Hoo!

seems odd to me that if a USB headset is plugged in that it becomes the default, but plugging into the headset jack does not. Well, it does for speaker, but not for mic. Is that a feature or is it expected behavior?

maybe it is something with that sound card. switched to a different machine and it behaves as expected

@member Thanks for your help. Greatly appreciated!

You are welcome. happy to help!

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