What would be the best way to merge 2 IGEL UMS environments?

Hi folks.

What would be the best way to merge 2 UMS environments? One is UMS5 with about 1240 devices. The other is UMS6 with 260 devices.

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There are a lot of custom packages and such.

My plan would be to:

• bring both environments up to the same version

• Export all profiles from the smaller environment to the bigger one

• Move devices bij deleting them from one environment and rescanning in the other…

This last part has me worried though. Is there a better way? Perhaps some trickery with the certificates that I’m unaware of?

Hi Kai, sounds like a nearly perfect plan! Just a few thoughts in addition:

1. on the smaller env.: don’t forget to check if there is a DHCP / DNS Entry in your network that points to the old server: kb.igel.com/endpointmgmt-6.04/en/registering-devices-automatically-26035280.html

2. on the smaller env. it would be enough. to remove certificates: kb.igel.com/endpointmgmt-6.04/en/removing-a-certificate-26035715.html

3. don’t forget that older Firmwares (older v5) aren’t compatible with newer UMS Encryption, you could get rid of it with that:igel script custom command

Thanks Sebastian!

Some the devices are W10, About 960 of them are LX 5.11. Should those be upgraded first? What is the dropoff point?

So to sum things up once more:

• UMS Version parity.

• Export profiles, import profiles.

• Recreate Device directories and link imported profiles like they were.

• Remove certificates from the devices of the smaller environment to disconnect them from it.

• Clean up or change igelrmserver dns and dhcp entries in the smaller environment vlan

• Scan the devices back into the recreated directories.

• hope for the best 🙂

I also found an export device settings feature, though I’m not sure what that does.

Right! Export Device configuration is another thing which is more needed for Support!

I would also look for files like Certificates under ums_filetransfer that may be needed in the bigger env.

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