What would cause an IGEL UMS Profile to simply not check the box for “automatic update check on boot”?

Any ideas on what would cause a profile to simply not check the box for “automatic update check on boot”. I’ve created multiple profiles and ensured the firmware version on the profile matches. Update check works if I check the box on an individual device but the profile will not enable it. Attached are photos of the profile and the device it’s assigned to.

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Maybe another profile overriding that one.

Take a look see at /wfs/group.ini file to see what is final state.

If you hover your pointer/mouse over the lock, it will show you what profile is applying that setting.

My guess is, since I don’t see a lock overriding that specific setting, is that your profile version doesn’t match, and the setting has changed somewhere between the two versions.

What version of the firmware is on the device, and what is the “Based On” version set to on the profile? If they are different, can you match them up and see if it applies?

oh, good catch @member. I wasn’t looking close enough at the screenshot

It’s not an overwriting profile from what I can tell since it’s not locked from manual changes. I have created a new profile and verified the version and the “based on” version is the same. Also updated our UMS today just in case it was a bug that was fixed in the latest version but that didn’t resolve the issue either. Also tried creating a “master profile” but this was unable to enable the setting as well.

Need to find the corresponding registry key and see if it is setting correctly.

It seems to be the key “enable_ftp_version_check” and looks like it is applying it to the device.

_Solved_ with the help of IGEL support. For some reason the update check only works for me if I also select the protocol in the same profile even though it’s already set with a different profile.

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