Whats the purpose of Certificate Management in the IGEL UMS Administration?

Whats the purpose of Certificate Management in the UMS Administration? when searching methods for getting certs to the IGELs doing it via ‘files’ seem like the only way.

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The Certificate Management in the UMS is more for implementing certificates issued from an own PKI; for example a certificate for the IGEL cloud gateway (ICG). To put certificates, like a root or/and intermediate CA certificate in the /wfs/ca-certs/ folder, “Files” is afaik the only method. But I don’t think that’s bad.

Thanks for the info, thought i might be missing a trick. 👍

You’re welcome. There are companies that don’t allow self signed certificates. The remote manager certificate must therefore also be signed by an own PKI.

Hi Jim. When you install the UMS an internal, self-signed cert (with public / private key) will be installed. Every time a new endpoint is added to the UMS, this cert is used to bind the endpoint to this UMS. If there is any other UMS in the same network it‘s not possible to just get the endpoints to the rogue UMS.

The Cloud options include the certificate for the ICG, there an official cert is recommended as the user handling is much easier than using an internal one (as the Root CA is not included in the IGEL OS).

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