When a user locks their VMware Horizon desktop the password box is not focused on IGEL OS

We have problem with our IGEL-OS devices. When a user locks their VMware Horizon desktop, and come back from a break, the password box is not focused. The user must first click on their right mouse button.

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We can replicate this issue by pressing the CTRL+ALT key at the same time.

In both scenario’s you see a IGEL cursor instead of a Windows cursor.

We are using the latest version, but this issue occurs with older versions too.

This the standard behavior of Horizon Client if it loses the focus then you have to click into the session to regain keboard focus there. The Client loses the focus as soon as the IGEL-OS screensaver/lock starts. So switching the IGEL screen saver off can be a solution. And it’s right that the widely used VMware key combo press ctrl+alt and release it changes also the level from inside the Horizon session to the OS (IGEL OS in this case) with change of cursor shape according to the OS which is in charge at the time.

I don’t know if this is a default behavior, don’t understand why.. but it’s not always..

This issue doesn’t occurs with a Windows Client.

I’ll disable the screensaver and test it out!

Thanks for your quick reply @member

We have to stick to the Horizon Client for Linux. It’s possible that the Windows version is behaving differently in this respect.

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