When assigning a profile to view, does it re happen automatically?

When you assign a profile to a view, does that profile not get assigned to newly registered devices of that view?

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it’s not dynamic – when you assign/remove a profile from a view it only applies to devices that are in the view at time of execution

how could I make it dynamic? Administrative task to assign objects to devices of a view and just have it run every 30 minutes or something?

I wouldn’t recommend that for a lot of devices. That can generate a lot of workload on the UMS servers.

but yes, that would be the way 🙂 as infrequently as possible would be preferred

would the only other way be to create a new device group with a directory rule? We want to assign a profile to all laptops but not desktops

that would do the trick, provided you have a solid attribute to create that directory rule based off of (i.e. specific network name, subnet, device type, etc.)

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