When can we expect OpenConnect v8+ in IGEL OS 11?

When can we expect OpenConnect v8+ in IGEL OS 11? (since 8.0: add support for PAN GlobalProtect VPN protocol (–protocol=gp).) this is what we need to connect to our GlobalProtect VPN. (current openconnect version is 7.08 in 11.03.110)

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Upcoming OS 11.04 will have 8.0x

That would be awesome, is there a parameter for –AuthGroup within this new version? More people asked for this option, since some vpn configurations require the parameter

Do we have a date on 11.04 with OpenConnect 8.0? Or has anyone figured out how to add it or Palo Alto GlobalProtect right now?

I need OpenConnect v8 for Palo Alto VPN too.

Is there a private build?

I have no solution or private build yet,

When is OS 11.04 going to be released?

Or is there any solution to upgrade to 8.0?

This will have to wait for 11.04 which is due in May. It’s included in bionic, so no PB can be made before. A clever hack (aka CP) might be possible but OpenConnect is still marked as unsupported, so don’t hold your breath.

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