When do I enable H264 vdpau codec on IGEL OS?

Hello everyone, I was wondering in which case the H264 vdpau codec should be enabled ?

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Hello Jonathan, which kind of Terminalserver/VDI Architecture are you using?

Do you mean in general: what advantages bring h264?

Oh, and one last thing, VDPAU is meant for (mostly) Nvidia GPUs.

In my understanding, h264 has not to be explicit enabled on the Igel side, if you use grid with h264 policy on your citrix side, the Igel client will use the Codec, too. Please correct me if I’m wrong. Little bit confused about that, too.

@member we are using HP T630 (AMD GX-420GI). I was wondering if the h264 vdpau codec could improve the graphics performance. It’s unclear if this codec is supported with HP T630, I know h265 is but I don’t see any support from the Citrix Linux Workspace App yet.

Newer AMDs are (from what I recall) covered by the VDPAU, even if this feature isn‘t 100% reliable in combination with Citrix. It‘s worst a try!

Might be „AMDGPU PRO proprietary driver is built on top of AMDGPU driver and supports both VA-API and VDPAU“ but have to double check.

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