When does IGEL OS orange “updating” icon changes to green after updating device?

I’m updating our endpoints (UD2) from 11.04.100 to 11.04.240. I’m curios: At what point the orange “updating” icon changes to green? Because some I updated 2h ago still show that. (The endpoints work as expected.)

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I should have mentioned. Refresh or relaunch the UMS Console did not help.

Reboot the updated client and it should turn to green again.

At least one of them I’ve rebooted 2 times. The status is still orange. The stats of these endpoints are correctly shown. (So they’re not in some kind of Nirvana;-)

Well let’s give ’em some time. Will have a look at it tomorrow.

I usually have to trigger the reboot from the UMS if this happens. Manually rebooting the endpoint doesn’t help.

Oh, alright! I’ve triggered them via shadowing or my colleague on site triggered it. That must be it. Will try. Odd though…

That worked! Merci René!

You’re welcome 🙂

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