When I VNC to IGEL OS the NUM lock is disabled

Hi everyone,

If i mirror via UMS to IGEL Client the NumLock on clientside is diabled. The connection is not established via VNC. Is there a way that the state of numlock doesnt change when i connect via VNC to the endpoint?

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numlock is tough to debug…

You could try this old workaround:

`xmodmap -e ‘remove mod2 = Num_Lock’`

To play around with the right value but finding the root cause is difficult.

Does the keyboard still states that Num lock is active or not? is the num lock working locally during VNC, or not?

I will try the workaraound. For info: The Keyboard indicates correct. As soon as i connect it switches numlock off. We can activate it manually directly, but it bothers me.

If you want it on all the time, you can use the IGEL registry key below to force it on.


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