When LAN connection is disconnected and switched to WiFi the browser icon disappears and can’t connect?

Hi, I use for multiple clients UDC3 licenses to convert old laptops into nice working laptops again. At one customer I have the problem that when I disconnect the lan cable and reboot with only the guest wifi (just like outside the organisation eg. at home or in a hotel), the browser icon that connects to the company netscaler disappears and the can’t work. Only when the lan cable is plugged in, the browser icon is on the desktop. First I thought is was a problem with the trail license but it also happens with an license they bought. In UMS I can see that the machine is licensed. In other organisation I use exact the same profile and haven’t noticed a problem with it. What can go wrong?

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It could have to do with your license, no sessions means no license to 99%.

Did you tried to move the license to the wifi address?


Some devices disables the RJ45 adapter completely when not connected (mostly a BIOS Setting)

Thought about is but through WiFi I don’t have a connection with UMS (only guest WiFi). Will read the article in the link. Btw, in the client property I see an License (licensed until ‘date’) so it must have a license I guess :thinking_face:

I think @member means the license is not valid if the MAC does not apply -if the RJ45 adapter is off (because WIFI is on) mostly through BIOS settings


Oké, sounds good. Maybe that’s the point why this notebook is my “pain in the ass” and the others aren’t. Next time I’ll be on site I will check.

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