When log in to via AD credentials we don’t have access to the IGEL UMS DB

Good Morning, I created an Active Directory Connection, imported the users and groups I want to have admin access and set the appropriate permissions. We are using the EmbeddedDB. Whenever a user logs in with their AD credentials, they don’t have access to the UMS DB, UMS is empty. Is this on the DB side because I can’t add a login similar to SQL or is there a permission i’m missing? Thanks in advance.

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Hi Jamar – just to clarify the issue – can you post a screenshot after the login?

I will try to explain, If I login with the user we configured for embeddedDB I can see all of the devices and profile created. When l log in with AD credentials, it’s just an empty UMS console, none of my devices or profiles are visible. Screenshots coming next

Ok, got it- but for the AD-user you configured the “access control” which is available in every context menue?

I don’t believe the access control was set on each contextual menu

you have to do it, you can got for the upper main ones and it inherits down the tree.

For helpdesk,e.g., right click on “Devices” and choose Access Control. Add the user. So when they login they only see the “Devices”.

Thank you very much


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