When signing out of Storefront it gets stuck at the Widows blue sign-out page on IGEL OS

Howdy, I am having an issue with 11.01.110 and Storefront whereby when we sign out of our Windows 10 virtual desktops it gets stuck at the Windows blue Signing out page and doesn’t switch back to our Firefox Storefront page on the IGEL. It works fine in 11.01.100 with version 18 of the Workspace app, we are using 19.3 on 11.01.110 so don’t know if it’s something to do with that. Has anybody else had the same problem?

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Howdy! Yes, it happens in specific situations like described here:


or here:


Hope it helps a bit!

I’ve tried the UDP only setting and we don’t use Philips software so no idea what else could be causing this. Switching to an Receiver 13.10 works but we really want to use 19.3

Can you open a case at citrix to increase the priorization on their side also?

I will pass this across to our Citrix guys to see if they will. Is there any reason we shouldn’t stick with 11.01.100? I know it was the first 11 release so don’t know if there are any major issues with it.

We are actually waiting for Receiver 19.6 so don’t need to update at the moment unless we have too.

Of course, they are bugfixes and new lient versions but you should be fine with the 100 version if you don‘t have issues atm.

Great, thanks 👍

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